Convener: Shelley (204) 233-8333

Knitting continues at the club every Sunday from 2:00pm to 4:00pm


Once upon a time there was a group of ladies who got together to knit, and knit they did! Hats, scarves, socks, purses, bears, etc… anything that could be created out of yarn they would try to make it. Some things you could tell right away what they were, while other stuff needed any explanation. One thing you always knew, was that whatever they made, they enjoyed the making. Some things started out as one thing, and then turned into something else. Some people might call these mistakes, but these ladies call them opportunities.

These ladies make things for themselves, but mostly they make things for others. Thanks to these ladies, there are a number of kids at the Children’s Hospital who are the proud owners of new hand knit bears; something cuddly to hold when things get scary. Thanks to these ladies, there are shawls in Winnipeg wrapped around people who need some warmth when life is getting a little tough to handle.

If you feel the need to sit and chat, and maybe create something… come join us… we welcome everyone… any age, and any gender is welcome. There are lots of chairs waiting to be filled, so what are you waiting for?

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