Norwood Community Centre

Programming at Norwood CC is currently suspended as per current health directives.


Norwood residents helping those in need!


Open letter to community of Norwood                                                                                                                  

Hello Norwood!                                                                                                                                                                          February 2021

Here is hoping this letter finds you safe and well.  If not, please reach out and let us know how the NCC can better support you.  My email is

Although my wife and I have benefited from and supported the Norwood community centre since having kids in 2010, now taking on the presidents’ role I feel more accountability towards the leadership aspect of continuing to support a strong community where the centre is a safe friendly space to help promote and catalyze these bonds, nurturing a very neighbourly area of the city as it is.  Whether you have lived here for a long or short time, we want to hear from you.

When the pandemic restrictions ease and we can get back to in-person programming (Note: there are some active programs that are currently operating over zoom), please consider what the NCC already has to offer, while also allowing your creative side to shine.  We are always open to new program ideas, one-off events, and volunteers to help turn them into reality.  We are currently conducting monthly board meetings on zoom and would be happy to have anyone listen in if they would like to get more acquainted with what is happening.

On behalf of the board, we wish everyone the best and look forward to helping support you in 2021 (and beyond)!


Jay Downs, NCC President


Thanks to all of the volunteers and Mathew, our ice guy, the ice is ready! 

Both rinks are open as of noon on December 24th. One rink will have NO STICKS and/or PUCKS allowed. Please adhere to this for everyone's enjoyment of the rinks!

The club house will remain closed as per Covid rules, so NO bathrooms or change rooms. No exceptions.

PLEASE FOLLOW all COVID RULES as posted by the City and Province:

• Practice physical distancing • Adhere to current maximum group sizes • Pleasure use only • No team practices, games, competitions or otherwise organized activities  

• Maintenez l’éloignement physique • Respectez les limites applicables à la taille des groupes • Réservé aux loisirs • Interdit aux entraînements, parties ou compétitions en équipe ou autres activités organisées

Stay Safe and Stay Healthy!

Merry Christmas and all the best in 2021. 

Barry Nacci
General Manager Norwood Community Centre


Norwood CC is closed until further notice for all activities except for the daycare.

If you have any questions email Barry at

or call me at 204-479-1850

Stay Safe and healthy


Norwood Community Centre - Rental 

BBQ, Softball, Tennis, Soccer, Basketball, Large Licenced Deck

We supply:

Soft Drinks, Plastic Glasses, Ice, BBQ, Bartenders, Tennis Courts (rackets and balls),

Basketball Courts (basketballs), Soccer Fields (soccer balls).

Large Hall to cool off and sit inside.

Tables and chairs for the Hall and Deck.

You supply:

Food and condiments or catering, Liquor Permit, Liquor, all the fun.

Dates Available in June, July, August


Prices dependent on what you want to do.

Call Barry 204-986-7056 or


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