Norwood Active Living and Learning

Season Three of the Norwood Active Living and Learning program (formerly Norwood Retirement Bootcamp) will begin Oct 6, 2022 and run through March 23rd, 2023. 
Meetings will be offered once per week; Thursday's from 12:30-2:30pm.   

The purpose of the Norwood active living and learning program is to provide a safe, community-friendly space to learn, share, laugh, connect and support our retirees of all ages.   Each week we will spend time examining various aspects of retirement life, health and well-being to foster positive attitudes and behaviours that we can bring home to our family, friends and communities.  Let's help one another squeeze the juice out of retirement! 

There is a drop-in fee of $5 or you can purchase an annual membership for $45.   

Unless otherwise communicated, sessions will be held in the NCC large hall.     

Please contact Jay Downs at for any questions regarding this program.    

Hope to see you there!

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