Norwood Retirement Bootcamp

Date: 23 September, 2020, 1 April, 2021

Course Description: 

Norwood Retirement Bootcamp will run from Sept 23rd, 2020 thru April 1st, 2021 Meetings will be offered twice per week; Every Wednesday's from 10am - noon and Thursday from noon to 2pm.  There is a max meeting capacity of 12 people.  Priority will be given to those who pre-register with Jay at 

The purpose of the Norwood retirement bootcamp program is to provide a safe, community & COVID-friendly space to learn, share, laugh and support our retirees of all ages.   Each week we will spend time examining various aspects of “the retired life” to foster our respective & collective retirement dreams, goals, health, and well-being.  There’s significant value for each of us when we spend time connecting with our neighbors and strengthening our community.   

There will be a drop-in fee of $5 or an annual membership for $40 + $5 Norwood program fee.   

Sessions will be held in the NCC large hall. 

There will be a sign-in sheet & sanitizing station at main front entrance.  Masks are mandatory while in common areas where 6ft of distance cannot be guaranteed.


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